At the Royal Swan-Swan Crystal-Casino Sinaia 23-25 ​​November 2018, in the jury of the contest, a King of Universal Dance, Master GIGI CACIULEANU!
She danced alongside Maya Plisetkaia, Pina Bausch and many other names of the world dance.

Dancer, Coregraf, Professor

Born in Bucharest, graduate of the National Choreography School.

At the age of 14 he discovers contemporary avant-garde dance under the direction of Miriam Răducanu attending the famous Nocturne 9 1/2 of Bucharest.

He complements his studies of choreography and dance at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. The soloist of the Romanian Opera in Bucharest dancing roles from the repertoire. At the same time, the choreographers of this theater create roles specific to him: The Wall and the Mandarin by Oleg Danovski, the Doctor and the American in Paris by Tilde Urseanu, etc.

1970: Winning the choreography award at the Varna International Contest with Mess around on Ray Charles’s music

1971: She won the 1st Choreography Prize at the Cologne International Contest with the creation of Marie Tanase’s music song (and dancing with Ruxandra Racovitz who will become his life partner and will participate with Dan Mastacan at all subsequent choreographic adventures).

1972: Win for the second time the 1st Choreography Prize at the International Cologne Contest with Kerzenschatten on Bolero Music by Maurice Ravel (again with Ruxandra Racovitza).

1972 – 1973: employed by the company Folkwang Ballet in Essen, Germany, directed by Pina Bausch, his originality and imagination is made in 10 creations including Plattenhüllen, Funny scenes, noble and sentimental waltzes, Gloriana, etc.

1973: He meets Rosella Hightower with whom he creates the Dance Contemporary Studio company at the Grand Théâtre de Nancy, France, which later becomes “Ballets de Lorraine – Danse Contemporain de France”, supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

1974 – First Prize at the Paris International Choreography Competition – Bagnolet.

1974-1978: Takes over the Ballet Direction at the Nancy Theater with the artistic and administrative collaboration of Dan Mastacan.

– Become a member of the SACD (Society of Authors of France).

– He is one of the founding members of the Unesco International Dance Council.

– Organizes tournaments and invites Nancy to name the new French and international dance – Dominique Bagouet, Jacques Garnier, Maguy Marin.

– Organizes Choreographic Encounters at Premontrés, creates the Dancing Aix Dance Festival at Aix, giving many artists the opportunity to express themselves, which is why he receives twice the highest distinction from Aix en Provence.

1978 – he is appointed Artistic Director of the National Choreography Center in Rennes – France, which he conducts in collaboration with Dan Mastacan.

1978-1993: a period of collaboration with celebrities of dance and music: Astor Piazzola, Marius Constant, Pina Bausch, Maïa Plissetskaïa, Jeanine Richer, Jean-Michel Jarre, Guy Tudy, François Rabbath, Claude Lefevre, Jean Le Poulain, Henri Ronse. Ruxandra Racovitza, Maina Gielgud, Yvette Chauviré, Svetlana Beriozova, Anton Dolin, Reda Sheta, Adam Luders, Jean-Pierre Franchetti, Peggy Lyman, Patrick Dupond … Jean-Christophe Paré, Jean Guizerix, Wilfride Piollet, Sandra Giacosa, Brigitte Lefevre, Michael Denard, Louise Bédard, Ghislaine Thesmar, etc.

His choreographies include Paris Opera, Lyon and Avignon, Pina Bausch’s company: Wuppertaler Tanztheater, Hamburg Opera House, Rome, Venice Theater La Fenice, Welsh National Opera in Cardiff, SODRE Montevideo, Municipal Theater in Sao Paolo where he collaborates with the Brazilian dance company Cisne Negro, the company Bat-Dor in Israel. He organizes tours with his performances from Paris to New York, Berlin in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Brussels.

1984: He is decorated in France with the title of Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by Culture Minister Jack Lang.

1987: Receives the BRIGITT medal as a recognition of his cultural work in Rennes and Brittany.

1992: He creates for Maia Plissetkaia the Nebuna show in Chaillot at Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris and with whom he gains tremendous success on the stage of the Bolchoi Theater in Moscow

Pierre Cardin broadcasts his creations on all meridians. Numerous international television stations (NHK – Japan, Ostenkino – Moscov, BBC London, TVR, etc …) broadcast their creations.

1994: leaves Rennes and installs in Paris by founding Gigi Căciuleanu.

– Creations that mark the Parisian era: “Oskolki” at Espace Pierre Cardin – Paris, “Sommaire Soleil” at Péniche Opéra – Paris. “Ma Nuit avec Nijinsky” – (Paris – Espace Acteur and Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord). “La Follia” – Hanoi – Vietnam and Georges Pompidou Center with Jeune Ballet de France.

– New international tours in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara) in Italy (Turin), Switzerland (Baden), etc. are received warmly by the press and the public. Preserving its headquarters in Paris, Gigi Caciuleanu has a four-year residence in Coombes in the Parisian region with creations (“Dance to fuck Eléonore”, 1996/97, “Balle Masquée” 1997/98, “Trilogo” 1998 / 99), internships, school animations and artistic workshops.

– The company is dancing both in Paris (Café de la Dance, Festival Estivales Danses, Salle Pleyel, Divan du Monde) and on the whole national territory (Clermont-Ferrand, Issy les Moulineaux, Puteaux, Rueil Malmaison, Biarritz, Franconville, Villiers le Bel, Saint Gervais, Opéra de Vichy, Aurillac, Saint Gervais, Fosses, Bouffemont, Châteauroux, Millau Festival, Melun, Creil, Saint Brice, Jouy le Moutier, Ermont, Boulogne Billancourt).

– In January 1998, at the invitation of Silviei Ciurescu and Valerian Mareş, Gigi Căciuleanu performs on the stage of the Bucharest National Theater for TVR the successful show The World of Dance with his international star dance company.

1996 – 1998 staged internationally successful performances (at Santiago, Montévidéo, Tel Aviv re-casting “Les Quatre Saisons” and “Mozartissimo”.

1997 – Receives the APESS Award for Best Choreography in Chile, being congratulated by the French Culture Minister for support for French dance choreography and art abroad.

1999 – Reinvigorated to stage performances at Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca, Sao Paolo and Torino.

– It creates Adieu Odessa, a successful show that is the head of a month for the Sudden Théâtre in Paris.

– Start a fruitful collaboration with Oleg Danovschi from Constanta, for which he creates famous creations. Dancing at the Dance Festival in Constanta “Oskolki – Miroirs Brisés”, invited by “Ballet-Théâtre Oleg Danovski” to re-create “Mozartissimo”.

2000: He creates JAVA in Paris for CGC and Verdi – Requiem at TBOD in collaboration with the Franco-Roman Cultural Center. For the tour in Asia (China and Thailand) he creates “Magnificat” on Pergolesi’s music.

2001 – Takes over the Artistic Direction of the National Ballet of Chile. He shares his choreographic work among his company in Paris, the Chilean National Ballet and TBOD in Constanta.

2002 – receives at Santiago the Altazor, the Chilean equivalent of the Oscar, for the Gente show.

– Creates Tierra de Nadie and Acto at Santiago, and for Sodre Ballet Company in Montevideo, Uruguay reassembles Verdi – Requiem.

2003 – January – is named the best international choreographer of the year by the Chilean Art Critics Circle, and in marriage – again receives the Santiago Altazor Award for his Cuerpos.

– Performs a choreographic assignment for the French Association for Artistic Action (AFAA) belonging to the French Foreign Ministry in Montevideo – Uruguay.

2004 – Choreographic workshops at the Villette – Paris Conservatoire, Harmonic – Paris, Conservatories in Boulogne – Billancourt (Paris), Rennes and Annecy

– January – Invitation to the 100% Guaranteed Broadcasting – TVR Bucharest (13/01)

– May – Santiago’s creation of the Paris-Santiago show

April – APES Prize (Association of Performing Journalists)

– April – Creation of the Banch Remix show at Santiago

– May – Creation in Santiago of Actos of Love

– June – Creation of the Meat of Aire show in Santiago

– July Creation of the Cartoons show at Santiago

– December – Creation of the Saxography show in Santiago

2005 – Receives for the third time the APES Award

– June – Member of the Eurovision 2005 Competition Journey for Jeunes Danseurs, Warsaw, Poland

– May – Creation in Santiago of the Alter Mahler show

– May 27th – June 5th Tournament in Romania with Meat of Aire and Alter Mahler

– November – Creation of Noche Bach in Santiago

2006 – invited to TVR for the guaranteed 100%

– February 28 in Paris – Espace Cardin dances La vie en rose in the Musique show by Eve Ruggieri for TV Stations: Antenne 2 and Mezzo

– May – the creation of Bach Fabrik at the Boulogne Billancourt Conservatory in Paris.

– May – Creation of Valparaiso Vals in Santiago

– July – Creation of Grand Gala del Banch at Santiago

– November – Creation in Santiago of Actors Colors Actors: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

– December – chosen by the important journal El Mercurio (21.12.2003) the outstanding personality of the year in the field of Arts and Letters.

2007 – April Creation of the Fantasy Symphony in Santiago

– May – creation at Annecy and Chambéry (France) Alliage Annecy and Chambéry as part of a collaborative project between the two French cities.

2017 – The Prize of the French Embassies, Delegations and Institutions Group (GADIF)

Continuing in France and the world to teach his specific technique and to convey his original style of contemporary dance in the form of workshops and master classes in prestigious institutions such as: The Superior National Conservatory La Villette, the Ecole de l’Opéra de Paris , French National Conservatories: Boulogne-Billancourt, Annecy, Chambéry, Rennes, etc.

He is a member of various juries in national and international competitions:

Eurovision contest des Jeunes Danseurs / Helsinki-Finland

Eurovision Song Contest of Jeunes Danseurs / Gdansk – Poland

International Dance Competition of Paris – France

International Dance Competition in Iasi – Romania

Years of the dance meetings in Treviso, Peruggia and Spoleto – Italy

International Dance Competition from Nagoya – Japan, 2002 and 2005


VVV – Vientos, Volumenes, Vectores – edited by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile – 2002

The Jungle X Book – edited by Ariel Theater in Târgu Mureş – 2002


Ordre des Arts et des Lettres – France – with the Chevalier degree

Star of Romania – Romania – with the Knight degree.

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